The opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

According to Ad Age Digital, it may be looking like it is over. But I wouldn’t write Google+ off just yet.

True, Google + it is a place where the dubious (including me) have set up a profile to establish themselves…but then just haven’t returned. Not that the doubters didn’t think about it. Part was a function of time. There’s just too many social sites for┬ábusinesses to keep up with – and the customers have to show up there for it to work. Smaller businesses couldn’t necessarily afford to bite. If customers aren’t there, why bother?

According to Interbrand in 2011, 64 of the top 100 global brands took on a Google+ page since the 2011 year-end launch. Of those companies, 22 have more than 100,000 in their circles.

Why did people set it up at all? Certainly not because everyone wanted still another place to post. Some followed the big companies. And many were afraid G+ would affect almighty search results for one. Plus, with Google’s might and all the affiliated offerings, people realized that it just might catch on.

So, it was a strategy to at least get a foot in the door and become familiar with its potential. And for some, like consumer-electronics brands such as Samsung, they were able to get insights and discussion on possible features with specific audiences in their “circles” and “hangouts.”

Despite Google’s muscle, it has not so far turned out to be the star horse in the race. Pinterest has become much more “sticky,”┬áThe average time spent by each Pinterest user per month is now 50 minutes. According to ComScore data, the average Google+ user spends three minutes on the platform every month, compared to 405 minutes for Facebook users.

Like all marketing, where you go depends on where your customers are.

As to the social media companies, the answer is in the future. With Google Ad Words, Google Search, and many other affiliated Google products, it will be interesting to see what sticks…and how Google monetizes its assets. While power is part of it, let’s just say Facebook had a bit of a shock at the closing bell… and it is all to be seen.

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