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Portfolio - New Media Campaigns
  • Marketing Plan Outline
    Download outline
    of strategic plan

  • Survey Research
    Customer satisfaction
    survey for strategic planning

  • Online Polling
    Digital research poll
    for strategic product planning

  • Telemarketing Research
    Strategic decision-making
    based on research

  • Service Re-launch
    Rename, reposition and
    relaunch new brand

  • Product Launch
    Naming, positioning
    and product intro

  • Logo Creation
    Brand concept, development
    and design

  • Corporate Identity & Website
    Reposition; rename; develop
    new logo, tagline and collateral

  • Rebranding Project
    New logo, tagline,
    stationery and website

  • New Brand
    Logo development,
    stationery and website

  • Corporate Identity
    New logo, tagline and

  • Brand Development
    New logo, stationery set
    and brochure

  • Content Creation & Curation
    Content management of
    website, job feed and blog

  • Internal Relations
    New employee orientation book
    and presentations

  • Corporate Initiatives
    Messaging promoting
    special initiatives

  • Ad Copy & Copywriting
    Copy for advertisements
    and trade magazines

  • Announcements
    Messaging and sales

  • Newsletters
    Internal and
    external collateral

  • Cover Feature Story
    National print
    media coverage

  • International Media Coverage
    Publicity in 56
    languages worldwide

  • National Publicity
    Media coverage creates
    positive awareness

  • Public Relations
    PR was a major tactic in this
    integrated GPS taxi service campaign

  • Public Relations
    Feature print coverage
    extended with online postings

  • Member-Get-a-Member Campaign
    Posters, e-mail, website, awards
    promos and announcements

  • Accreditation Campaign
    Award-winning year-long
    multi-channel promotional campaign

  • Recruitment Campaign
    Direct mail, e-marketing (email, web),
    trade exhibit and print advertising

  • Membership Campaign
    E-marketing (email, website), print
    exhibit and direct mail campaign

  • Integrated campaign - service
    launch - PR, ads, signs, collateral

  • Membership Brochure and Forms
    Compelling membership literature
    with forms that highlight benefits

  • Educational Materials
    Graphic representation of concepts
    makes learning easier

  • Publications
    Planning, editing, production and
    distribution of a quarterly journal

  • Newsletters
    E-news and mailers help to
    inform, educate and thank donors

  • Product Brochure
    This product brochure was
    designed to attract investors.

  • Service Brochure
    Professional staff recruitment
    requires persuasive messaging.

  • Education Brochure
    Collateral should inform
    and delight the senses

  • New Service Brochure
    This brochure introduced
    a new pediatric practice

  • Demand Generation
    Multichannel "The Time is Now" campaign
    centered on deman gen collateral

  • Direct Mail Campaign
    Monthly direct "Finish First" mail campaign
    campaign created customer buzz

  • Direct Mail Campaign
    Hit Pay Dirt" campaign
    a successful draw to trade exhibit

  • Demand Generation
    Direct mail literature with
    easy-to-return ordering forms

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Content-rich copy
    coupled with other tactics

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    Development and management
    of an optimized persona-based site

  • Social Media
    Facebook, Twitter, Blog
    and other online tactics

  • RSS, Blog and Other Feeds
    Up-to-date social media provides
    SEO, information and job feeds

  • Website Development
    Branding of five disparate
    product and service lines

  • Email Campaigns
    Targeted cost-effective
    messaging online

  • Microsites
    Online ads and landing
    pages support fundraiser

  • Sales Tool Kits
    Membership sales toolkit
    for use by member volunteers

  • Sell sheets
    Technical writing for
    technology software product

  • Customer References
    "Customer references showcase
    software implementation success

  • White Papers
    Information by subject matter
    experts and customers

  • Sell Sheets
    Sales sheets provide
    features and benefits

  • Literature
    Interactive sales pieces
    reinforce sales efforts

  • Volunteer Support
    Collateral for
    volunteer recruitment

  • Annual Reports
    Literature highlights successes
    and provide reasons to donate

  • Save-the-Date
    Luncheon fundraising event
    showcase the non-profit

  • Annual Appeal Campaign
    Annual report and
    annual campaign collateral

  • Fundraiser Invitation
    Annual benefit luncheon
    event raises awareness

  • Educational Programs
    Collateral for public education

  • Open Houses
    Planning and implementation
    of professional services

  • Trade Shows
    Interactive exhibit provides
    memorable customer interaction

  • Professional Education
    Day-long inservices provide
    professional credit and networking

  • Conferences
    Planning, design and execution of
    of conferences for professionals

  • Conferences
    Planning, design and execution of
    of conferences for professionals

  • Professional Education
    Seminars provide marketing
    opportunties for professionals

  • Print Advertising
    Focused ad targets sleep apnea,
    while disqualifying insomnia patients

  • Billboard Advertising
    Environmental advertising
    for products and services

  • Online Event Advertising
    Banner ads, pay-per-click and
    social media ad campaigns

  • Print Advertising
    Ad to promote
    products and services

  • Print Advertising
    Print advertising can coordinate
    support online promotions

  • Communications
    to promote services

  • Microsite - Bilingual Event
    Eight-city road show
    in U.S. and Montreal

  • Graphics
    Culturally inclusive
    wayfinding signage

  • Bilingual Signage
    Signage in English
    and Spanish

  • Multilingual Collateral
    Culturally relevant brochures
    in English, Spanish and Russian

  • Diversity Messaging
    Cultural inclusiveness initiatives
    highlighted in collateral