Awww, first blogs are always a bit awkward!

Hi.  I’m Meryl Glickman and this is the very first Marketing Fusion blog post.  Join the conversation if you…

  • Want to stay up on the latest in marketing, either for your business or to just be conversant.
  • Need a forum where you can get marketing (and these days, social media) questions answered.
  • Like to share knowledge in the marketing communications space.

Do you have social media questions? Are you wondering: “Should I do a blog?” “Is Pinterest for me?”  “Business is good now, so I don’t need social media. Right?”  or “So much social media, so little time.”  Do you have questions about branding or how to run a campaign? Any marketing or PR question is fair game.

We’ll answer your questions, tell you about the latest trends, sift through the literature, and share best-practice marketing tips. Interested? Join the conversation.

Yup, one’s first blog post usually feels a bit weird, so there you have it: Marketing Fusion’s first blog post!

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