Do people ‘like’ Facebook?

A recent customer survey of social media sites indicates that Facebook users are less satisfied than they used to be, and customer satisfaction scores are reaching new lows. Lucky for them — they have significant market share.Google+ rates better on customer satisfaction, but the market share isn’t there at this time.

Apparently, people aren’t thrilled with Facebook’s new user interface, which includes the timeline, an increasing number of ads (and more to come, even in the feed at the right side of the page), and the frequent changes. Some newer kids on the block, Pinterest and Google+, are gaining steam. You can read more about this in the July 2012 press release from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Business Report that was recently released from the partnership with ForeSee, a customer experience analytics firm. It’s at .

Do you think Facebook users will get fed up?  I hear rumblings among friends and colleagues that it isn’t quite so interesting to folks anymore. What do you think?

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