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Do people ‘like’ Facebook?

A recent customer survey of social media sites indicates that Facebook users are less satisfied than they used to be, and customer satisfaction scores are reaching new lows. Lucky for them — they have significant market share.Google+ rates better on customer satisfaction, but the market share isn’t there at this time. Apparently, people aren’t thrilled withMore >

The opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

According to Ad Age Digital, it may be looking like it is over. But I wouldn’t write Google+ off just yet. True, Google + it is a place where the dubious (including me) have set up a profile to establish themselves…but then just haven’t returned. Not that the doubters didn’t think about it. Part wasMore >

Can a con man teach you anything about your Web site?

You bet he can. Whether we like it or not, people judge us by how we present ourselves. That applies to your online presence. What made the con man in this article infamous wasn’t his forgery skills. Rather; it was his ability to gain the confidence and trust of those he encountered. What can thisMore >

The local Colorado group for up-to-date B2B marketing info

As a member of the Business Marketing Association (BMA) of Colorado, I can tell you it is the place to network with Colorado’s B2B marketing professionals. Colorado BMA has been voted the #1 chapter of the national association for 13 of the past 15 years. Now that’s good. They have great programs. While it’s not the cheapest associationMore >

Awww, first blogs are always a bit awkward!

Hi.  I’m Meryl Glickman and this is the very first Marketing Fusion blog post.  Join the conversation if you… Want to stay up on the latest in marketing, either for your business or to just be conversant. Need a forum where you can get marketing (and these days, social media) questions answered. Like to share knowledgeMore >